24 days… In just a short 24 days I will be THIRTY. I’m married to the love of my life, a first time suburban homeowner, we both have good jobs, and I couldn’t be a prouder pet mom. To be honest, I still have no idea how we got here. “It takes a village” may be an understatement…

I was a habitual liar and in to everything as a kid, a worrisome teen to say the least, and in drug and alcohol treatment before my 21st birthday. I hear people talk about not living up to the expectations of their younger selves, but, I don’t think I have thought about it since I was a child. So here I am, going into my thirties with no expectations, let alone a clue about what I am supposed to be doing with my life now.

I struggle with a bit of depression and whole lot of anxiety, and maybe I’m just prefacing what I’m about to type to make myself feel better, but I can’t seem to finish anything! I have been on more “semesters off” than not for school and am only a sophomore, with no desire to finish aside from wanting to complete literally anything. I’ve been to hair school and quit that too, I’m only a semi-ok painter despite that being the only hobby you might be able to say I’ve stuck with. I’m naturally good at a lot of things but not great anything.

My husband on the other hand, is talented at everything and is obsessed with video games. So, I don’t say all of this for sympathy, (because let’s be honest, I have it pretty good) but to explain to you why I have decided to start a blog instead of staring at the back of his head while he yells at more “idiots who don’t know how to play the game!”

I have always required a creative outlet in my life and this is one I think I might be able to stick with. Hopefully along the journey I might be able to figure this whole quarter life crisis out too, and hey, I just might be alright at this. My brother is a writer by profession, so here’s hoping it’s in the genes!’


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